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Wharfedale Vets

Wharfedale Veterinary Centre is a veterinary practice with a difference. We offer fully integrative veterinary healthcare to suit the needs of the individual animal and owner. To do this we can tailor treatment regimes for your animals by selecting from conventional medicine and surgery as well as a wide range of disciplines including acupuncture, nutraceuticals and physical therapies such as chiropractic with our emphasis being always to provide your animal with the safest and most effective treatments. We place a strong emphasis on prevention and education; keeping your animals healthy and preventing illness is one of our most important jobs and we are always happy to advise on nutrition, vaccination, worming and behaviour as the decisions you make regarding these elements are critical to the long term health of your animals. There is so much choice and information in the public domain that making good decisions is often very difficult, and we know that most owners only ever want to do their very best for their animals. We are here to help.

We will:

  • Remember that each of our patients is an individual
  • Recognise that our foundation is true holistic treatment and preventative care
  • Treat each other and our patients with kindness and respect